node-red-contrib-thinger 1.6.3

Node-Red library for Platform


License: MIT
Bugs URL supplied
Package name follows guidelines
Node-RED keyword set
Supported Node-RED Version: 3.1.3,2.2.3
Node.js Version: >=12.0.0
Package uses a unique name


Nodes have unique names
The following modules contain nodes using the same types as this module:
node-red-contrib-firebase-admin node-red-contrib-home-assistant node-red-contrib-home-assistant-llat
Nodes have examples
asset-iterator, bucket-create, bucket-read, bucket-write, device-callback, device-create, device-read, device-stream, device-write, endpoint-call, property-read, property-write, storage-read, storage-write, server-events,


Number of Dependencies: 2
Check for Incompatible packages
Dependencies use latest versions