node-red-contrib-home-assistant 0.2.0

node-red nodes to visually construct home automation with home assistant

npm install node-red-contrib-home-assistant

Various nodes to assist in setting up automation using node-red communicating with Home Assistant.

Project status

Project is going through active development and as such will probably have a few 'growing pain' bugs as well as node type, input, output and functionality changes. At this stage backwards compatibility between versions is not a main concern and a new version may mean you'll have to recreate certain nodes.

Getting Started

This assumes you have node-red already installed and working, if you need to install node-red see here

$ cd cd ~/.node-red
$ npm install node-red-contrib-home-assistant
# then restart node-red

Included Nodes

The installed nodes have more detailed information in the node-red info pane shown when the node is selected. Below is a quick summary

events: all

Listens for all types of events from home assistant

events: state

Listens for only state_changed events from home assistant

current state

Returns the last known state for any entity

call service

Sends a request to home assistant for any domain and service available ( light/turn_on, input_select/select_option, etc..)

Known issues

  • If the connection to the home assistant server is lost the nodes may have to be redeployed ( by just introducing a small change and clicking 'deploy' in node-red) to start listening again
  • Fields with autocomplete ( Domain, Service some Entity ID fields ) are in progress, they should work but need polish
  • Currently only Server Sent Events are supported for listening to home assistant. Websockets will be implemented at some point in the future.
  • Have not tested with more than one Home Assistant server configuration setup at one time within Node Red. It should work in theory, but...

Node Info

Version: 0.2.0
Updated 4 months ago
License: MIT


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122 in the last week
437 in the last month


  • server
  • server-events
  • server-state-changed
  • api-call-service
  • api-current-state
  • api-get-history
  • api-render-template


  • node-red
  • home-assistant
  • home automation


  • ayapejian