node-red-contrib-letsfiware-ngsi 0.17.0

Node-RED implementation for FIWARE Open APIs

npm install node-red-contrib-letsfiware-ngsi

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Node-RED implementation for FIWARE Open APIs

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Supported custom nodes


How to install

Run the following command on a command-line interface.

npm install node-red-contrib-letsfiware-ngsi


First of all, clone this repository.

git clone

Move current directory to node-red-letsfiware-NGSI/examples.

cd node-red-letsfiware-NGSI/examples

Create docker containers for the tutorial.

./service create

Start the containers

./service start

Open Node-RED using the URL: http://IP address:1880/. It is the IP address of your machine running the Docker engine.

To stop the containers, run the following command.

./service stop

Source code

Copyright 2022-2023 Kazuhito Suda
Licensed under the MIT License.

Node Info

Version: 0.17.0
Updated 9 months ago
License: MIT
Rating: 5.0 1




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  • NGSI Entity
  • NGSI Attributes
  • NGSI Attribute
  • NGSI Attribute value
  • NGSI source
  • NGSI Batch update
  • NGSI subscription
  • NGSI registration
  • NGSI Types
  • NGSI Encode
  • NGSI Decode
  • Service and ServicePath
  • GTFS Realtime to NGSI
  • NGSI to worldmap
  • NGSI to dashboard
  • OpenWeatherMap to NGSI
  • FIWARE version
  • Historical Context
  • NGSI timeseries
  • Open APIs


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  • contrib
  • fiware
  • ngsi
  • context
  • process
  • data
  • json