node-red-contrib-letsfiware-ngsi 0.17.0

Node-RED implementation for FIWARE Open APIs


License: MIT
Bugs URL supplied
Package name follows guidelines
Node-RED keyword set
Supported Node-RED Version: 3.1.0,1.3.7,2.2.3
Node.js Version: >=12
Package uses a unique name


Nodes have unique names
Nodes have examples
NGSI Entity, NGSI Attributes, NGSI Attribute, NGSI Attribute value, NGSI source, NGSI Batch update, NGSI subscription, NGSI registration, NGSI Types, NGSI Encode, NGSI Decode, Service and ServicePath, GTFS Realtime to NGSI, NGSI to worldmap, NGSI to dashboard, OpenWeatherMap to NGSI, FIWARE version, Historical Context, NGSI timeseries,


Number of Dependencies: 2
Check for Incompatible packages
Dependencies use latest versions