node-red-contrib-yeelight-compat-hue 1.2.1

A collection of Node-RED nodes for controlling and observing Yeelight lighting devices, compatible with node-red-contrib-node-hue flows.

npm install node-red-contrib-yeelight-compat-hue

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Node-RED nodes to control MiHome/Xiaomi Yeelights from your smart home, somewhat API compatible with node-red-contrib-node-hue nodes.


Run the following command in your Node-RED user directory – typically ~/.node-red:

npm i node-red-contrib-yeelight-compat-hue -S


Provides two palette nodes – one to send control commands to a Yeelight, and one to receive messages when a Yeelight's state changes.

Output node

Sets the state of the selected Yeelight device.

msg.payload must be an object containing the new state's properties of the selected Yeelight device.

Property Details
on Sets the on state where the value is true or false
bri Sets the brightness value from 0 to 255
ct Sets the color temperature value in Kelvin from 1700 to 6500
hue Sets the hue value from 0 to 65535
sat Sets the saturation value from 0 to 255
hex Sets the rgb value from #00000 to #FFFFFF
duration Sets a transition time in milliseconds, e.g. 4500 means 4.5 seconds. Defaults to 500

Example payloads

    "on": true,
    "bri": 255,
    "hue": 913,
    "sat": 255,
    "duration": 5000
    "on": true,
    "bri": 120,
    "hex": "#AA00CC",
    "ct": 2200,

The node supports sending color temperature values, hex values and HSV values.
The brightness value will always have to be provided separately and will not be deducted from e.g. a hex value's brightness component.


This node's input payload structure is based on node-red-contrib-node-hue, which is based on Node Hue API.

Input node

Returns the current state of the selected Yeelight device.

msg.payload is an object containing the current state of the selected Yeelight device.

The node will listen to changes of the connected Yeelight and send a message whenever a change is detected. The payload property of the message will be set to the new state of the Yeelight.

Additionally, a fresh state can be requested from the connected Yeelight by sending a message to the node. The payload property of the message will be overwritten with the state of the Yeelight. All other properties of the msg are preserved.

Example payload

    "state": {
        "on": false,
        "bri": 255,
        "colormode": "rgb",
        "hex": "#ff1500",
        "hue": 913,
        "sat": 255
    "name": "Closet",
    "raw": {
        "name": "Closet",
        "power": "off",
        "bright": "100",
        "rgb": "16717056",
        "ct": "4244",
        "hue": "0",
        "sat": "100",
        "color_mode": "1",
        "delayoff": "0",
        "flowing": "0",
        "flow_params": "0,1,10000,1,16711680,69,33000,1,16711882,34,39000,1,16744704,17,34000,1,16711680,61",
        "music_on": "0"

The raw property of msg.payload contains the raw state information retrieved from the Yeelight for advanced usage.
Note that value scales are not compatible with node-red-contrib-node-hue, and that hue value and rgb value will not match since only the correct color per color_mode is returned by the lamp.

Configuration node

Configures a Yeelight connection to one light in the local network.


Property Details
Hostname An IP address or other hostname that points to a Yeelight on the network
Port number Port number the Yeelight is accessible over, default being 55443


Developer mode/LAN control has to be activated (usually from within the Yeelight app) to allow local control of the Yeelight through Node-RED. You can learn more about Yeelight developer options here.


If something is not working as expected, if you think there is a feature missing, or if you think this node could be improved in other ways, please create an issue on GitHub.

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