node-red-contrib-ui-statechart 0.1.3

A Node-RED dashboard ui node.

npm install node-red-contrib-ui-statechart

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Node-RED dashboard widget. Bar chart to visualize numeric values in relation, together with state represented by color.

Node-RED dashboard widget node-red-contrib-ui-statechart

State chart is special chart to combine visualization of value relations with state. Relation is between all values in series, not against some minimum, maximum or predefined value. That’s why there aren’t any minimum or maximum values presented.

State is fully under user control. Chart doesn't calculate state for the series.



Configuring the series is mandatory. Series presented as name of the bar. Make them short as they do not rotate or scale. Configuration input of the series must be filled with comma separated string. Avoid space unless it is intentional.

For example: dog,cat,cow,sheep,goat

Series shortcuts

In addition the series can be automatically generated for 24 hours.
By using shortcut 24H the series generated with format 00,01,02,...,22,23

Shortcut 24h generates series without leading zeros - 0,1,2,...,22,23

Using valid shortcut adds option to turn on the highlight of bar represents current hour. To do so, use syntax 24H|L

Other configurable options

  • Hide or show values
  • Color of bars
  • Font sizes
  • Color of texts


Every bar in chart can be updated with new data independently. So you can send new data only for series where changes are needed.

msg.payload should carry an array of Object(s) where required properties are:

  • series - (string) name of series
  • value - (number) value
  • state - (boolean) state

msg.payload = [{series:"A",value:123,state:true},{series:"D",value:32,state:false}]

msg.title (string) title of chart can be changed by sending new value msg.title = TILE OF CHART


This widget is created for dedicated use. This restricts adding external dependencies and the widget must be held lightweight and responsive. Adding new options is highly possible if it makes sense and can be done with full respect of above.

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