node-red-contrib-securedhttp-multipart 0.0.14

Node-RED node to create secured http multipart endpoint

npm install node-red-contrib-securedhttp-multipart

Node-RED nodes is extended from httpmultipart ( node-red-contrib-http-multipart) but with built-in security. If secured field is set to false, it has the same features as httpmultipart in the default installation. It uses a predefined OAuth endpoint to validate the token in authorization header or query string in a request and to check if the user with the token has privilege to access this node.


Install from npm

npm install node-red-contrib-securedhttp-multipart


This package contains node similar to the httpmultipart and but securedhttpmultipart must be authenticated with a token in Authorization header or access_token query string for privileged user to access it if the "Secured" field is set to true. When "Secured" field is set to true, user will need to have the privilege specified in "Privileges" field. If the "Privileges" is not set but "Secured" field is set to true, an access token will need to be validated. The OAuth user endpoint will need to specify in the settting.js file with "oauth2UserUrl" key. For example,

oauth2UserUrl: "https://localhost:8080/oauth/user",

You will need to fill in the following fields:

-- Ignore the "Start" field.

-- Secured field is set to true to enable security. False to disable.

-- User will need to have privilege to access this endpoint even if the token is valid if this field is set to non-empty string. Multiple privileges can be specified with comma delimiters but user will need to have one of thoese specified privilege to access this endpoint.

Please refer to node-red-contrib-http-multipart for helps.


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