node-red-contrib-http-multipart 0.3.2

A node-red node for providing multi-part form support for the standard node-red HTTP node.

npm install node-red-contrib-http-multipart

This node is a version of the Node-Red HTTP-in node that includes support for multi-part forms and files using Multer.

Use this module anywhere you would use the node-red-http-in node and would like to have file support. The module will usually be used with the POST method that contains a form with a file upload button.


$ npm install node-red-contrib-http-multipart

node-red should automatically detect the new node upon restarting of the server.


Once installed, a new http-multipart node will be available in your node-red nodes panel. Drag the node onto the flow sheet and use as you would the other http-in node. Output of the node will be a message which contains the files in a msg.req.files object.

To retrieve the file object, you can add a function node to the out port of the node that reads the msg.req.files object.


Configuration of this node is the same as the node-red-http-in node with the exception of the fields config option. fields refers to the fields in the form that will contain files.

Eg. For a form with the following field

<input type="file" name="myUploadedFile" />

the fields section of your node configuration would contain the following:

[ { "name": "myUploadedFile"} ]

The fields configuration is passed directly to the Fields option in the multer plugin, so you can use any options that would work for multer in the configuration area. ex:

  { name: 'avatar', maxCount: 1 },
  { name: 'gallery', maxCount: 8 }


With HTML like the following:

<form action="/upload" method="POST">
    <input type="file" name="myFile" />
    <input type="submit />

You can upload to a node with the following configuration:

[{ "name": "myFile" }]

and access the files using the following function on the out port of the node

var fields = msg.req.fields;
msg.fields = Object.keys(fields);
var myFile = fields["myFile"][0];
msg.localFilename = myFile.path

All of the available properties of the file object can be found in the Multer documentation.



© 2016 John O'Connor

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