node-red-contrib-openhab3 1.4.9

OpenHAB v3 home automation for node-red, forked from node-red-contrib-openhab2 package

npm install node-red-contrib-openhab3

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No longer maintained

As of 2023-02-15 (YYYY-MM-DD), this project is no longer being maintained by me and its up for adoption. If you are interested in maintaining it please let me know. This project comes with an Apache 2 license which would need to be respected.


This plugin facilitates the automation of openHAB items via Node-RED. It's useful if you want to add automation rules, but not want to use the openHAB built-in rules for that. The plugin provides you with nodes in Node-RED that can (when explicitly called via an input message) get and update the state of Items and Groups defined in openHAB. It also provides an openhab2-in2 node that will immediately output message(s) when the relevant Item or Group state is updated or changed.

This plugin supports openHAB versions up until the current latest stable v3.x RELEASE. If you are still using this module with openHAB 2.x than please consider upgrading it. Support for v2 could break at any time since version 1.4.0 of this plugin as I'm no longer testing it and I will drop support for it altogether soon.

This plugin is a fork from Peter De Mangelaere node-red-contrib-openhab2 package with additions and changes I find useful.


Install this package node-red-contrib-openhab3 via the Manage palette menu of your Node-RED instance.


The openhab2-in2 and openhab2-out2 nodes use GET, POST and PUT requests sent to the openhab REST API via the url http://openhab:port/rest/items/<item> The openhab2-in2 and openhab2-events2 nodes receive updates via a Server-Sent Events (SSE) connection that is established once per controller and once per events-node, via the url http://openhab:port/rest/events.


Version Description
1.4.9 Fix typo
1.4.8 Added unmaintained notice
1.4.7 Update readme
1.4.6 Update README; Test with Node-RED 3.0.2
1.4.5 Update npm packages
1.4.4 Fix bug with eventsource hitting a 401/403
1.4.3 Update npm packages
1.4.2 Announce reduced support for OH 2.x
1.4.1 Fix SSE events handling for OH 3.3
1.4.0 Add support for OH 3.3
1.3.45 Add badges to README (fix)
1.3.44 Add badges to README (fix)
1.3.43 Add badges to README (fix)
1.3.42 Add badges to README
1.3.41 Update eventsource package to 2.0.2
1.3.40 No actual change, test improved npm security
1.3.39 No actual change, improve release process
1.3.38 No actual change, except testing a change to Github actions
1.3.37 Update packages
1.3.36 Update many packages
1.3.35 Update all packages (for Scorecard)
1.3.34 Scorecard only finds examples in examples dir
1.3.33 Improve scorecard
1.3.32 openhab2-out2 node outputs message when one was actually sent (#26)
1.3.31 Update NodeJS packages.
1.3.30 Use 'httpNodeRoot'-setting for "get items list" call.
1.3.29 Add support for the "get items list" call to a Node-RED instance running under another webroot (not /)
1.3.28 Test an automated release (no actual changes)
1.3.27 Prevent 'get items'-call interference with previous plugin
1.3.26 Improve release procedure
1.3.25 Fix for 'TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined' in monitor node
1.3.24 Show proper status for monitor node
1.3.23 Improve CommunicationStatus event status
1.3.22 Update docs; Use correct spelling for openHAB
1.3.21 Always send payload as a string via out2 node
1.3.20 Replace request package with axios (#3)
1.3.19 Use official eventsource package
1.3.18 Add option for sending NULL-values for get2-node (#22)
1.3.17 Fix issue #21
1.3.16 get2 node only sends state when not NULL
1.3.15 Pass on existing topic for get2 node when not set from config
1.3.14 Fix for group members for groups
1.3.13 Also return group members for groups
1.3.12 Spread load a little at start-up
1.3.11 Return all group members for get2-node
1.3.10 Revert fix error reporting bug for CommunicationError
1.3.9 Fix error reporting bug for CommunicationError
1.3.8 Update the node-documentation shown in Node-RED
1.3.7 Fix/'work around' for NPE in 77-openhab2.js:396:31
1.3.6 Add support for OAuth2 token with OH3 (issue #7)
1.3.5 Fix openhab2-events2 node to also work with OpenHAB v3 (issue #6)
1.3.4 Upgrade this module to be built and tested with Node.js v12
1.3.3 Add support for GroupItemStateChangedEvent event
1.3.2 Remove (useless) nodes picture; Update README
1.3.1 Update nodes picture in this README
1.3.0 Renamed all nodes to be unique from the original package


See 77-openhab2.html for info on the provided nodes. This is best viewed from Node-RED, adding a node and viewing its corresponding Help page.

Testing the plugin (for development purposes)

Prerequisites for running this test environment are docker and docker-compose. It allows you to test this plugin for development purposes. Docker is used to start a clean Node-RED, OpenHAB v2 and OpenHAB v3 environment, with this plugin installed into Node-RED before the service is started (inside the container).

# Start by running Node-RED and OpenHAB

After a little while, you can visit:

When in the Node-RED UI, you can import flow.json via the Import option, which contains some example tests for each of the nodes, per OpenHAB version, running simultaneously.

You can verify the server sides event connections to be working as well. They are used by the plugin to receive any updates from OpenHAB:

When finished, you can reset the test-setup from scratch (this also removes volumes):


Node Info

Version: 1.4.9
Updated 10 months, 2 weeks ago
License: Apache-2.0
Rating: 4.9 13




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