node-red-contrib-knx-easy 0.3.3

Use knx in node-red, just like the mqtt nodes

npm install node-red-contrib-knx-easy

Simple Node-RED nodes for knx. The input and output nodes is used in a similar way as the built in mqtt nodes.

Input and output node

Input node

Set Group-address and DPT in node config to subscribe to all messages with that destination and msg.payload will contain the value you want.

Listen to values written to address 1/1/1:

Input and output node

You can also suscribe to GroupValue response and GroupValue read events, this way you can create your own response and send it back to the bus with a knxEasy-out node.

If you need more than the value, extended information is available in the message outputted:

msg = 
    { "topic": "1/1/1"
    , "payload": 0
    , "knx": 
        { "event": "GroupValue_Write"
        , "dpt":"1.001"
        , "dptDetails": 
            { "name": "DPT_Switch"
            ,"desc": "switch"
        , "source":"2.2.2"
        , "destination": "1/1/1"
        , "rawValue":[0]

(Read events will have payload and knx.rawValue of null)

Output node

Set up group address and select DPT in node configuration. Send your values using msg.payload This makes it simple to connect the output node directly to a slider or a switch. Input and output node

Output mode can be set to "Response" if you want to use a input-node to listen for readRequests and make your own responses to the knx bus.



Value to transmit


The following parameters can be sent to override what is configured for the node:

{ "knx": { 
    "event": "GroupValue_Write",
     "destination": "1/1/1"

(DPTs can be sent as 9 , "9" , "9.001" or "DPT9.001")

Example: If you only want to override destination you would send only that, eventType and dpt will be taken from node config:

{ "knx": { 
     "destination": "1/1/1"

Node Info

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