node-red-contrib-knx-easy 0.2.0

Use knx in node-red, just like the mqtt nodes

npm install node-red-contrib-knx-easy

Simple Node-RED nodes for knx. The input and output nodes is used in a similar way as the built in mqtt nodes. Input and output node

Input node

Set Group-address and DPT in node config to subscribe to all messages with that destination and msg.payload will contain the value you want.

Listen to values written to address 1/1/1: Input and output node

If needed, more information is available in the message outputted:

msg = 
    { "topic": "1/1/1"
    , "payload": 0
    , "knx": 
        { "event": "GroupValue_Write"
        , "dpt":"1.001"
        , "dptDetails": 
            { "name": "DPT_Switch"
            ,"desc": "switch"
        , "source":"2.2.2"
        , "destination": "1/1/1"
        , "rawValue":[0]

Output node

Set up group address and select DPT in node configuration. Send your values using msg.payload This makes it simple to connect the output node directly to a slider or a switch.

Node Info

Version: 0.2.0
Updated 2 months, 1 week ago
License: MIT


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