node-red-contrib-google-sheets 1.1.2

nodered node to get, update, append, and clear google sheets.

npm install node-red-contrib-google-sheets

A basic node for reading and writing from/to google sheets.


To setup auth this node uses a google service account:

Create a new service account from This Page

Download a JSON credentials object for the service account.

Give that account access to the sheets API.

Share your sheet with the email address of the service account eg [email protected]


The sheet ID can be found in the URL of your google sheet, for example in

The ID would be 1UuVIH2O38XK0TfPMGHk0HG_ixGLtLk6WoBKh4YSrDm4


Google sheets uses the following syntax to reference a tab and cells of the worksheet

The format is Sheet1!A1:C3

Where Sheet1 is the Sheet name followed by a ! then the grid of the first cell eg A1 then a : and finally the grid of the last cell eg C3

A range of cells can be a Row at A1:A5, a Column A1:E1 or even a block such as A1:C3

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Version: 1.1.2
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License: MIT
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