@realsixi/node-red-contrib-ring-alarm 0.0.19

Unofficial Node-Red nodes to interact with Ring Alarm System and Ring Cameras.

npm install @realsixi/node-red-contrib-ring-alarm

npm npm npm

Unofficial Node-RED nodes to interact with Ring Alarm System and Ring Cameras.

This project uses the great ring-client-api to interact with the Ring System.

this version is a first draft - not all functions may work reliable.


This projects adds the following nodes to Node-RED

Device Listener

Sends a message, if a device changes - either because it's faulted (= triggered) or because it's tamperStatus changed.

Example Message

    "locationId": "a44aaaaa-66b9-4225-baaa-dbfc7aaaaaaa",
        "adapterType": "zwave",
        "adapterZid": "b226cccc-6ae1-4bbb-9bbb-6124cabbbbbb",
        "batteryLevel": 100,
        "batteryStatus": "full",
        "catalogId": "3ec4dddd-725c-4957-bddd-414758aadddd",
        "categoryId": 5,
        "commStatus": "ok",
        "commandTypes": {
        "communication-poll": {
            "requiresTrust": false
        "led-indicator-sensor.cancel": {
            "requiresTrust": true
        "led-indicator-sensor.set": {
            "requiresTrust": false
        "reconfigure.start": {
            "requiresTrust": false
        "update-node-neighbors.start": {
            "requiresTrust": false
    "deviceFoundTime": 1657985780389,
        "deviceType": "sensor.contact",
        "fingerprint": "838.513.1025",
        "firmwareUpdate": {
        "eligibility": "eligible",
            "state": "up-to-date"
    "impulseTypes": {
        "clear": {
            "trusted": true
        "comm.ping.received": {
            "trusted": false
        "fault": {
            "trusted": true
        "tampered": {
            "trusted": true
        "tampered-cleared": {
            "trusted": true
    "lastCommTime": 1658351029807,
        "lastUpdate": 1658351029862,
        "linkQuality": "ok",
        "managerId": "zwave",
        "manufacturerName": "Ring",
        "name": "Main Entrance Contact Sensor",
        "nextExpectedWakeup": 1658396974043,
        "placement": "main-door",
        "pollInterval": 43200,
        "roomId": 1,
        "serialNumber": "G2Q1L49188640XXX",
        "setupByPluginStatus": "complete",
        "setupByUserStatus": "unset",
        "subCategoryId": 1,
        "tags": [
        "tamperStatus": "ok",
        "zid": "0ef00000-9222-4e44-bbbb-ebc666665805",
        "faulted": true,
        "ledIndicatorMode": "fault"

Alarm Mode Listener

Sends a message when the alarm mode changes. In the Ring.com app those states are disarm (inactive), home and arm. In the API the states are called none (=disarm), some (= home) and all (=arm).

The message-format is the same as for the Device Listener node.

Camera Motion

When the camera detects motion, this node will be triggered.


Can be configured to either take photo or a video. If video mode is selected, you can also configure the duration of the video.

The Photo message will contain the image as Base64-encoded String and as a buffer. The Video message contains only a Buffer.

Alarm Status

Triggered, when the alarm status changes, e.g.: state: "entry-delay" in the message is set for a delayed alarm.

TODO: Test with real alarms

Alarm Mode

Sets the alarm mode for a configured locationId by sending home, arm or disarm as payload. You can find your locationId e.g. in the Device Listener Messages. Also accepts some, none and all.

Node can be configured to bypass faulting sensors, like the app does.

Getting Started

For the initial connection, you need to set the refreshToken in the configuration node. See Refresh Token Wiki at the ring-client-api Repository, how to get a token.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


Inspiration, code snippets, etc.

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