@pizzaprogram/mcp-pcf-aio 2.3.8-20220907

Node-Red node for multiple MCP23017 chips (each 16 input or output) + PCF8574(A) (8 I/O). The I2C Bus number can be specified too.

npm install @pizzaprogram/mcp-pcf-aio

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It uses the config node "mcp_pcf_chip" for all reading and writing on i2c bus
More about I2C...

  • Each pin (8 or 16 in total) can be individually selected to be an input or output
  • You can place as many Nodes to your flows as many pins you use, or
  • you can also set 1-1 node only pro 0-7 or 8-15 and control via msg.pin and msg.state if msg.payload=-1
  • 4 states are showed of a node: On=green Off=grey Uninitialised=yellow Error=red

Requires 'i2c-bus' module. link...
( It gets automatically installed, except if you want to use it directly from function nodes. )


WARNING: input interrupts part of this component is experimental.

  • it reads inputs non-stop, can be set milisec value (a bit higher CPU usage)
  • it might starts multiple timers that interfere with each other? (Needs investigation.)
  • to minimize state-refresh problem there is secondary "de-bounce" timer


  • Each node has a global Main-Chip, that can be configured with "I2C bus number" + "Chip Address". (The PCF8574(A) chips are showed currently with an Address multiplied by 2. Like: 0x21 * 2 = 0x42 )

  • Interval: is used to determine how frequently all inputs are polled. ( Reads all 8+8 ports from bank A+B. )
    ! Should be minimum 20ms, because a read process of 16 pins takes 12-14ms on a Raspberry Pi 4.

  • Bit: is a number from 0 to 15 reflecting the pin (0-7 at FCP8574 chips) If "All0" or "All1" is recieved, the bit becames: -1 in logs.

  • Pull Up: engages the low power pull up resistor. More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pull-up_resistor
    (Inputs only.)

  • Debounce: is a timer where the state must remain at the new level for the specified time (millisec)
    (Inputs only.)
    ( It will filter out too short changes, like sparkles. )

  • Invert is a software-override for both Input + Output pins. It will show and act the opposite way of On/Off.
    0>>1 , 1>>0
    ( For example some relay boards are "closing = pulling" if they get GND instead of 5V on their pins,
    so they need to be negated with resistors. In those cases the chip must get 0x00 to "turn on".

  • Start All Outputs High: when node-red is started and first chip gets inicialized, it will send a 0xFFFF signal to all pins, so they

Known problems:

  1. After disconnected of cable or USB-I2C adapter the readouts can not properly restore unless restarting the whole flow.
  2. Multiple Main-chip-setup-nodes can be set to same Address, causing conflicts. (No pre-error or pre-warning happens.)
  3. -- fixed 2022-03-26
  4. It changes the On-Off state visually of the Node while it's not that node changed when using direct-msg-control
  5. Sending "All0" or "All1" to an MCP node turns on only 0-7 pins, if Bit of Nodes are only set to 0-7. Solution: Set Bit of the node at setup to 8-15 to turn ALL!

To Do

  1. Don't even allow already selected bits to be selected again (not just error reporting about)
  2. When a node is deleted or disabled - remove from ids (array in chip) --- half done at 2022-03-19 version
  3. Block RW operations happening at the same time... (rework everything to Async / await and atomic flags)
  4. Analize further how interrupts are dealt with in C code and write it in s/mcp23017)
  5. Don't allow to create multiple main chips with the same address (MCP + PCF can be on the same address accidentally)


Thanks to Mike Wilson for the original v0.1 node: MCP23017chip

Change Log 2022-09-07 (Y-M-D) Version:

by László Szakmári (www.pizzaprogram.hu)

  • Changed Interrupt initialization of the MCP chips: (EXPERIMENTAL! Testing needed.) MIRROR=1 << If any of A or B input IO-bank pin changed, both INTA and INTB is triggered ODR=1 << Not only "Active-Low" state, but both "High/Low" input changes are triggered

Change Log 2022-06-07 (Y-M-D) Version:

by László Szakmári (www.pizzaprogram.hu)

  • WARNING! Naming of commands and msg values changed !!! (No more Capital beginnings.) "All0" -> "all0" "All1" -> "all1" msg.AllStatesRaw -> msg.allStatesRaw ... also fixed name convention at source code, like OnOFF -> on_off Read more here

  • If read-interval is set to 0 it will clear any running timer.

Change Log 2022-06-06 (Y-M-D) Version:

by László Szakmári (www.pizzaprogram.hu)

  • BUG Fix: Too long read time caused a (.warning) error instead of increasing the timer interval x2.

  • Enh.: If the last read time is shorter than interval, it resumes the timer at original interval.

Change Log 2022-03-26 (Y-M-D) Version:

by László Szakmári (www.pizzaprogram.hu)

  • PCF chips show now correct Address -at Main-Chip setup. Fixed.

  • Fixed "interval too short" auto-increase happaning if "interrupt-triggered" read occures

  • Added examples

Change Log 2022-03-25 (Y-M-D) Version:

by László Szakmári (www.pizzaprogram.hu)

  • Changed msg.pin and msg.state to lower case.

Change Log 2022-03-22 (Y-M-D) Version:

by László Szakmári (www.pizzaprogram.hu)

  • you can set 1-1 node only pro 0-7 or 8-15 and control via msg.Pin= and msg.State= if msg.Payload=-1

  • fixed consol.warning bug if Timer set = 0ms.

Change Log 2022-03-21 (Y-M-D) Version:

by László Szakmári (www.pizzaprogram.hu)

  • Fixed bug: on input change payload was always "true".

Change Log 2022-03-19 (Y-M-D) Version:

by László Szakmári (www.pizzaprogram.hu)


  • Enhanced html help of the node

  • fixed bugs (like: partial Deploy did not clear prev. instances from context)

Change Log 2022-03-03 (Y-M-D) Version:

by László Szakmári (www.pizzaprogram.hu)

  • Added PCF8574 + PCF8574A chip support. Both In + Out.

  • Fixed Naming of PFC... to PCF... (the original code was spelled wrong).

  • Detailed Logging to consol can be turned on/off with const log2consol = False; and timerLog = false;

  • Fixed Input Bugs. Now stable.

  • Fixed bug if same chip had both in+out pins mixed.

  • Fixed crashing of Node-red if chip or I2C bus was suddenly removed from system.

  • Inject (Interrupt) trigger adds extra values to msg. [] ... see help

  • New Github upload. (PFC false-named one got deleted)

Change Log 2021-01-11 (Y-M-D)

by László Szakmári (www.pizzaprogram.hu)

  • !!! IMPORTANT CHANGE: -- [ x ] Inverse is now affecting Output too ! (Some relay boards are functioning "the opposite way", turning ON if pin is Low.)

  • Changed Bus open/close behaviour. Separate open before/after each read/write operation block. (This way no more non-stop opened bus > no more NodeRed crash if unexpected disconnect.)

  • Fixed other NR crashes: Added Error handling (try - catch) for each i2c bus operation. Each operation has it's own value to report proper error text. (Like: "Bus opening failed", ... etc) (But execution time increased from 8ms to 12ms on Raspberri 4)

  • Fixed 16pin array initialization (16x null)

  • Added multiple/same pin initialization error handling. (Highlander: "There Can Be Only One" :-D )

  • Added lots of comments and constants to JS file (like IOCON, IODIR_A, etc...)

  • Changed icon to a chip-like one. (font-awesome/fa-ticket)

  • Faster initialisation: if set to output >> skips pullup & invert writes.

  • Prevents the input-timer to run if the previous function is still running.

  • +2 states of a node and color change of Off: On=green Off=grey Uninitialised=yellow Error=red

  • Does not starting input-timer, if there are no input nodes available.

  • Auto-increasing read-interval if < 15ms or if reading took too long.

  • If error occured during read-timer >> changing interval to 5 sec >> if normal again >> changing back

  • Dokument + Code changes: -- Pretty print of JS code (inline) -- All local variables start now with _underline -- Many comments + constants + references added to code -- Fixed help in mcp_pcf_chip.html file

Change Log 2021-09-12 (Y-M-D)

  • Fixed input

  • Add input trigger to handle interrupts. If msg.payload = True >> and succesfully read

    msg.immediateReadSuccess = true. If any error:Result = false

  • Limit debounce timeing to max = interval - 20ms

  • debounce is not starting if =0

Change Log 2021-11-11 (Y-M-D)

  • Node name changed from MCP23017chip to current ,mcp_pfc_aio v2.1.0 ( AIO = All in One IO = Input Output )

Node Info

Version: 2.3.8-20220907
Updated 1 year, 11 months ago
License: MIT
Rating: 1.0 1




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