node-red-contrib-mcp23017chip 0.0.2

node-red node for mcp23017 - input and output

npm install node-red-contrib-mcp23017chip

Node-Red node for the MCP23017

Each pin (16 in total) can be selected to be an input or output Inputs The interval is used to determine how frequently the chip is polled The bit number is 0 to 15 reflecting the pin Pull Up engages the low power pull up Invert engages the inver on the chip Debounce is a timer where the state must remain at the new level for the debounce time for a change to get to the output

Uses the config node mcp23017chip for all reading and writing on i2c

Requires i2c-bus

To Do 1) Dont allow already selected bits to be selected again 2) When a node is deleted - remove from ids (array in chip)

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Version: 0.0.2
Updated 11 months, 1 week ago
License: MIT


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