victron-vrm-api 0.2.4

Interface with the Victron Energy VRM API

npm install victron-vrm-api

This node makes it easy to use the VRM API for data retrieval. Though not all possible API calls have been implemented, it can be used for retrieving and creating alarms and fetching installations statistics. It can also be used to retrieve the solar forecast data.

VRM API flow

In order to allow the node to query your site, an access-token needs to be created and filled out in the configuration node.


  • payload (string|number|json) - the trigger to query the VRM API


  • payload (json) : the VRM answer

The output of the answer depends on the selected configuration. See the VRM API documentation in case you need assistance with interpreting the output.


  • Name (string) : The name of the node
  • VRM (config) : The configuration node
  • VRM site id (number) : The site to query. Note that this is the multi-digit number you see in the url of your vrm-site like this:
  • API type (string) : The query type
  • Verbose (boolean) : Show the used url in the debug tab?

There are currently 4 API types to choose from:

  • Users
  • Installations
  • Widgets
  • Dynamic ESS

Depending on the API type, more or less extra fields appear.

In case of installation stats there appear some extra configuration options

  • Attribute (string) : Which attribute to fetch
  • Interval (string) : Time between retrieved data points
  • Start (integer) : Timestamp from which to fetch data
  • End (integer) : Timestamp to which to fetch data

In case of installation `dess`` there are even more configuration options.

VRM API edit panel

Note that instead of filling out the number of the VRM site id for installations and widgets in the box, you can also use context variables, e.g. {{flow.siteId}} or {{global.vrmId}}. This allows to query the site that has been set in this context field. Of course you need to make sure that context contains a valid VRM site id first.


There are several examples included in the package. In order to use them, import them via the victron-vrm-api examples dropdown on the Import nodes page (accessible via the menu or by pressing ctrl-i).


Please use either the issues on the GitHub site or the Node-RED space on our community for questions, troubleshooting and suggestions.

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