ttb-node-red-counter 0.1.0

A node-red node to increment or decrement. You can easily create a daily tweets counter with it for example.

npm install ttb-node-red-counter

A node for TimeSquAir, TheThingBox or Node-RED.

Add a counter node. With it, you will able to increment and decrement a variable. For example, you will easily create a hashtag tweet counter with it !


$ npm i ttb-node-red-counter --production

Node Info

Version: 0.1.0
Updated 2 years ago
License: WTFPL


2 in the last day
20 in the last week
148 in the last month


  • counter


  • node-red
  • counter
  • incrementer
  • decrementer
  • thethingbox
  • ttb
  • timesquair
  • tsa


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