sqlite-plugin-red 0.0.3

Adding a tab to show and edit the structure of a sqlite database. Needs node-red-node-sqlite.

npm install sqlite-plugin-red

Adding a sidebar tab for Node-RED to show and edit sqlite database structures


Requires the Node-RED node: node-red-node-sqlite.


The UI will help you to visualize and create your sqlite database, all within Node-RED.

  • Select, create or delete your your sqlite database files in the first row.
  • Select, create, rename or delete your tables in the second row.
  • If a table is selected you can add, remove or change your sqlite table columns.
  • If done press the confirm button.

Screenshot of a the Sqlite Tab.


There is currently no input safeproof implemented, as sqlite will return an error if something is not correct. For example: Creating a autoincrement column without setting the column to INTEGER.

This will be planned in the future.


If you want to modify something inside the sqlite-plugin-red.html file, I recommend to use SIR.

With help of SIR you can handle the sqlite-plugin-red.svelte file in which the code is much cleaner and easier to handle.

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Version: 0.0.3
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License: MIT
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