red-contrib-nihongo-analytics 0.0.1

Node-RED nodes for Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs Text Analytics API

npm install red-contrib-nihongo-analytics

Node-RED nodes for Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs

Microsoft Cognitive Services are Cognitive APIs on Azure. Currently this npm package supports the following APIs on west-US region.

  • Vision
    • Computer Vision API
    • Emotion API
    • Face API
  • Speech
    • Speech To Text API
    • Text To Speech API
  • Language
    • Bing Spell Check API
    • Linguistic Analysis API
    • Text Analytics API
    • Translator API
    • Web Language Model API
  • Search
    • Bing Web Search API
    • Bing Image Search API
    • Bing News Search API
    • Bing Video Search API

Example flows



Run the following npm command in your Node-RED environment.

npm install -g node-red-contrib-cognitive-services


Show node property and input subscription key from Azure portal.

Microsoft Cognitive Services website

Examples using Cognitive Services nodes

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