norelite 1.5.0

A set of Node-Red nodes to ease the implementation of your home automation requirements

npm install norelite

A set of Node-Red nodes to ease the implementation of your home automation requirements. Overview example image


Use npm to install norelite in the Node-RED data directory.

    cd ~/.node-red
    npm install norelite

Why is norelite needed?

Norelite was developed to simplify the design of Node-Red flows to manage RF-controlled switches. What Norelite contributes to in comparison to using "regular" nodes is that it:

  • It is primarily based on rules that if true triggers an "turn on" action and if false it will trigger an "turn off" action.
  • It will keep the state (actions received) and will re-evaluate if a device should be on and off depeding on the messages received. Many rules can decide whether or not a a device should be active e.g. (1) if it is dark outside (2) if I'm at home and it is dark and passed midnight and there is movement in the house
  • ONE flow will send ON and OFF messages. You don't have to develop a separate flow to manage off actions and take into consideration any colliding rules
  • It is simple!

Supported devices


The documentation is located in the Github wiki including some getting started information.

How does it work?

It is briefly explained in the picture below (even if not all types of nodes are represented). Overview example image


There is an read-only, live data, demonstration environment available on IBM BlueMix: if you want to take a look. Note that nodes are defined on two sheets.

Node Info

Version: 1.5.0
Updated 1 year, 8 months ago
License: Apache-2.0


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611 in the last month


  • nrl-config
  • nrl-eval in
  • nrl-source out
  • nrl-switch-config
  • nrl-switch out
  • nrl-limit
  • nrl-dayslimit in
  • nrl-hold in
  • nrl-timelimit in
  • nrl-value in
  • nrl-rfxcom-out
  • nrl-tellstick-out
  • nrl-zwave-out
  • nrl-on in


  • node-red
  • rfxcom
  • RFXtrx433
  • home
  • automation
  • light
  • control
  • tellstick
  • zwave
  • openzwave


  • nidayand