nodered-contrib-xiaomi-scale 0.0.3

A node for Xiaomi Scale

npm install nodered-contrib-xiaomi-scale

Xiaomi Scale


This is a NodeRed node for receive data from XiaoMi Scale without. Your NodeRed host will need to have BLE capability for this node to work. Tested on Mac OS & Raspberry Pi 3.

Developed by the super cool folks at Originally US - a mobile app development company from Singapore


Install directly from your NodeRED's Setting Pallete


Change your working directory to your node red installation. Usually it's in ~/.node-red.

$ npm install nodered-contrib-xiaomi-scale


Do I need to pair my device with XiaoMi Scale?

No. However your NodeRed host will need to have BLE hardware capability for this node to work. Tested on Mac OS devices & Raspberry Pi 3.

I have some suggestions, how do I get in touch?

Please drop us an email, or create an issue in our Github

How do I control my other (non-smart) devices at home with NodeRED?

Check out RMPlugin app developed by us. Here's an intro video for the hardware.


  • To be tested with XiaoMi Scale version 2 & 3

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