node-shri-dashboard 2.3.13-beta

A set of dashboard nodes for Node-RED

npm install node-shri-dashboard


npm install

The plugin uses the dist folder if it exists and contains an index.html file. Make sure to delete it if you want to use the non-minified version. After changing the front-end code in the src folder, use gulp to update the minified files and update the appcache manifest.


We also have suggested lint and js styles that can be checked with:

gulp lint
gulp jscs

If submitting a Pull Request (PR) please do NOT include the minified /dist files.

Thank you.

Node Info

Version: 2.3.13-beta
Updated 1 year, 2 months ago
License: Apache-2.0
Rating: 1.0
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1331 in the last month


  • ui_base
  • ui_button
  • ui_dropdown
  • ui_switch
  • ui_slider
  • ui_numeric
  • ui_text_input
  • ui_date_picker
  • ui_colour_picker
  • ui_form
  • ui_text
  • ui_gauge
  • ui_chart
  • ui_audio
  • ui_toast
  • ui_ui_control
  • ui_template
  • ui_link
  • ui_tab
  • ui_group


  • node-red


  • shrikantzarekar


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