node-red-sensecap-paas 0.1.3

SenseCAP PaaS

npm install node-red-sensecap-paas



This library will walk you through how to subscribe your devices’ messages as well as how to send a command to a specific or all devices.

We realize the wrapper of SenseCAP OpenStream interface, so that users could more easily build their own prototype on the local host and cloud server.

To learn more about "SenseCAP OpenStream", refer to SenseCAP OpenStream API Quickstart.

How to install the plugin

Configuration parameters

Edit Account

A Account is a connection between the node red and the SenseCAP PaaS. You need to configure your server account with OrgID and API Key which from the SenseCAP Paas.

Edit OpenStream Node Configuration

parameters description
Name Define any name you like.
Account The account you created below.
EUI Filter, the device's EUI. If empty, subscribe all devices' messages.
Channel Filter, the device's channel. If empty, subscribe all channels' messages.
Measurement ID Filter, the message's measurement id. If empty, subscribe all measurements' messages.
Output Format Format of the output message. RAW is the standard and comprehensive data, so choosing the appropriate format can help you get started in certain scenarios.

Output Message Format


    orgId: "000000000000",
    eui: "2CF7F1FFFFFFFFFF",
    channel: "1",
    measurementId: "4098",
    value: 22.2,
    timestamp: 1663579934364,

Power BI

    value: 22.2,
    timestamp: 1663579934364

Node Info

Version: 0.1.3
Updated 1 year, 4 months ago
License: MIT
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