node-red-node-xmpp 0.5.0

A Node-RED node to talk to an XMPP server

npm install node-red-node-xmpp

A Node-RED node to talk to an XMPP server.


Run the following command in your Node-RED user directory - typically ~/.node-red

npm install node-red-node-xmpp


Provides two nodes - one to send messages, and one to receive.


Connects to an XMPP server to receive messages.

The Buddy field is the id of the buddy or room you want to receive messages from.

Incoming messages will appear as msg.payload on the first output, while msg.topic will contain who it is from.

The second output will show the presence and status of a user in msg.payload. Again msg.topic will hold the user.


Connects to an XMPP server to send messages.

The To field is optional. If not set the msg.topic property of the message is used to set that value.

If you are joining a chat room then the To field must be filled in with the room name.

You may also send a msg with msg.presence to set your presence to one of

  1. chat
  2. away
  3. dnd
  4. xa

If you do this then the msg.payload is used to set your status message.

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Version: 0.5.0
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