node-red-node-grovepi 0.2.0

Node-RED nodes that get sensor data and control ports on the GrovePi

npm install node-red-node-grovepi

A Node-RED node to listen to and control GrovePi sensors and actuators.


Run the following command in the root directory of your Node-RED install or home directory (usually ~/.node-red)

    npm install node-red-node-grovepi


Provides a few node, some to read data from sensors and a few to send data to actuators.

Analog Input Node

Reads data from GrovePi Analog sensors. This node simply sends a numerical value between 0 and 1024 (check this).

Digital Input Node

Reads data from GrovePi Digital sensors. This node requires that the user selects the type of digital sensor attached. Choices currently include:

  • Button (1/0)
  • Sound
  • Ultrasonic Range
  • Temperature / Humidity

Depending on the sensor type selected, the payload will differ. For instance, the button type will return a JSON object containing a 'state' key e.g.

{ state: true }

The Temperature / Humidity sensor will return both values in separate keys

    temperature: 22.5,
    Humidity: 39

Output Node

Sends data to GrovePi Actuators e.g. LEDs, Buzzers. Since Output nodes can either be high or low, the payload sent to the node should reflect this. The following are acceptable:

1 or 0, true or false

Any other value will be treated as 1 / true and the output will be put high.

Serial LCD Node

Not sure how to do this yet. One thing at a time!


  • Analog and Digital Input Nodes.
  • GrovePi NodeJS bindings.
  • Digital Sensor callbacks require sensor specific code.
  • Output Node.
  • Serial Node for Graphical LCD.
  • Allow Overrides of Output & LCD node through payloads.
  • Help Text for all nodes
  • Improve node configuration i.e. auto-detect board.
  • Figure out the Sound Digital input sensor
  • Get installation working with npm.

Known Issues

On the latest version of Raspbian, nodejs and node-red are pre-installed. However the version of nodejs is fairly old and prevents the official node-grovepi npm module from installing (node-grovepi is a dependency of this library). In order to get this to install correctly, Please uninstall nodejs and node-red and re-install manually by following the instructions here:

Node Info

Version: 0.2.0
Updated 6 years, 10 months ago
License: Apache-2.0
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