node-red-node-bluemixhdfs 0.1.4-DEPRECATED

(DEPRECATED) INSTEAD USE node-red-contrib-bluemix-hdfs. Big Data node on IBM Bluemix. This version works fine, however, its not the final release and more changes are expected

npm install node-red-node-bluemixhdfs

THIS NODE HAS BEEN DEPRECATED. INSTEAD USE node-red-contrib-bluemix-hdfs.

This node connects to the big data on Bluemix. This version supports Create File Read from File Append to File and Delete File

operations on HDFS.

This is a dual mode node and if the Bluemix Node-RED application has a bound IBM Analytics for Hadoop service, then this node takes the HttpFs credential from Bluemix environment. In case the Node-RED application does not have a bound IBM Analytics for Hadoop service, then the node prompts for the HttpFs URL, userid and password. This Node is completely working and supports all the operations, provided above. However, there are more changes expected and so, although working, this is still work in progress

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Version: 0.1.4-DEPRECATED
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