node-red-ibmiotpush 0.1.1

A IBM Push node for node-red

npm install node-red-ibmiotpush

Sends push notifications to mobile devices using IBM Push for Bluemix

msg.payload is used as the alert in the Notification. Optionally, msg.url can be used as the URL in the notification

MBaaS Application Properties 
        Application ID and Route - mandatory only when used in non-Bluemix environment and must be copied from the IBM MBaaS service in Bluemix. If used in Bluemix, these properties will be automatically read. 

        Application Secret - Bluemix application secret key. 

Notification Type 
    Type of notification to be pushed.

        Broadcast - Send notifications to all the registered devices
        By Tags - Send notifications to devices subscribed to that tag. Can take multiple values
        By DeviceIds - Send notifications to devices by their device ID. Can take multiple values
        By ConsumerIds - Send notifications to devices by their consumer ID. Can take multiple values

Notification Identifiers 
    Used when notifications are sent By Tags, By DeviceIds and By ConsumerIds. This can take multiple values seperated by comma(,). Example: Calvin,Hobbes

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