node-red-contrib-zigbee 0.21.0

Node-RED Nodes for Zigbee Devices

npm install node-red-contrib-zigbee

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Control Zigbee Devices (Xiaomi Aqara, Hue, Lightify, Tradfri, ...) with Node-RED via a CC253x Module. No need for proprietary bridges anymore, use devices of different vendors in one Zigbee network.

Work in progress Will bump version to 1.0 as soon as todo is done, zigbee-herdsman api is stable and everything is tested.


Based on zigbee-herdsman, Koenkk's fork of Zigbee Shepherd. Strongly inspired by his awesome zigbee2mqtt project.

Hardware Prerequisites

see Ready to use firmware images are available here:

Getting started

Add any Zigbee Node, open it's configuration, add a "herdsman" node, configure it, close both nodes and deploy. Wait a few seconds and go to the configuration of the "herdsman" node again, now you should be able to pair devices. Keep an eye on Node-RED's log output.



Config node that holds the serial port and ZigBee network configuration of zigbee-herdsman. You should change the networkKey for security reasons before pairing the first devices. I suggest to use a password manager (like e.g. KeyPass) to create and store a random key (has to be 16 Byte in uppercase hex representation (32 chars 0-9A-F). With this config node you can also manage your devices (pairing, removing, renaming), reporting, groups and binds.


This Node utilizes Koenkk's zigbee-herdsman-converters and offers payload formats as known from zigbee2mqtt. In fact most of this nodes code is taken 1:1 from zigbee2mqtt.


This node aims to be a drop-in replacement for


This node outputs the online/offline status of the devices.


This Node outputs events as received from zigbee-herdsman.


Send a command to a device endpoint or group.


Call methods of the herdsman controller


  • Converter node: readAfterWrite
  • Hue node: readAfterWrite
  • Converter node: Determine endpoint
  • Converter node: Group support
  • Converter node: Get command
  • Hue node: Group support
  • Command node: Group support
  • Group bind support
  • remove frontend debug output
  • per-device configurable ping
  • per-device configurable configure
  • Secure shepherd node REST API, use Authentication
  • Documentation
  • Adapt to Node-RED 1.0 message API
  • OTA Update


MIT (c) Sebastian Raff

Node Info

Version: 0.21.0
Updated 2 years, 5 months ago
License: MIT
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  • zigbee-shepherd
  • zigbee-controller
  • zigbee-converter
  • zigbee-event
  • zigbee-command
  • zigbee-offline
  • zigbee-hue-light
  • zigbee-hue-device


  • node-red
  • zigbee
  • shepherd
  • herdsman
  • hue
  • aqara
  • tradfri
  • smart home automation
  • cc2530
  • cc2531
  • cc2538
  • cc2652



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