node-red-contrib-wsjt-x 1.1.4

WSJT-X Data Decoding

npm install node-red-contrib-wsjt-x

A NodeRed node to handle the decoding of WSJT-X (and JTDX) data. WSJT-X is an amatuer (ham) radio program that enables weak-signal radio communications using a variety of specially desinged protocols (FT8, FT4, WSPR, JT8, JT4, and more). This node allows the data decoded by WSJT-X to be injected into NodeRed flows for further processing and use.

Example NodeRed Flow

To best utilize this node in your flow while still being able to use other programs (like GridTracker or your logging software) you should configure WSJT-X's Reporting: UDP Server to send to a multicast address. IP addresses to are reserved for local network multicast, thus an IP in this range is a great choice. Then in all the places you want to receive that data, configure those a multicast as well. Within NodeRed's udp in node, choose Listen for: multicast messages and then configure the same multicast IP address and port that you configured WSJT-X with.

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Version: 1.1.4
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