node-red-contrib-wled2 2.4.4

NodeRed node for WLED control

npm install node-red-contrib-wled2

A node for controlling WLED devices from NodeRed. The node supports a single segment, and can control the effect (including speed and intensity), palette, color, and brightness level of the segment.

Additionally a delay can be specified. This causes the LEDs to run the selected effect until the delay expires, then switch to a solid on (or off) state. This is handy for running an effect briefly before turning on to a solid color (or turning off).

The various parameters for the LEDs can also be provided by the incoming payload via a JSON object. Supported JSON properties are:

Property Description Type Example
brightness The brightness for the LEDs. Supported range is 1 to 255. number 128
color1 An RGB array of the first effect color. number[] [255, 128, 4]
color2 An RGB array of the second effect color. number[] [128, 255, 4]
color3 An RGB array of the third effect color. number[] [4, 128, 128]
effect The number for the effect. See GitHub for the valid numbers. number 5
effectIntensity The intensity of the effect. Supported range is 0 to 255. number 128
effectSpeed The speed of the effect. Supported range is 0 to 255. number 128
delay Number of seconds to wait before switching to the Solid effect. number 5
palette The number for the palette. number 5
preset The preset to display. If specified all other properties are ignored. Set to 0 to disable sending a preset to the WLED controller. number 16
seg The segment or array of segments to configure. See the WLED JSON API documentation for information on the supported properties. object
state The state to set the LEDs to. Supported values are on, off, and toggle. string toggle

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