node-red-contrib-winccoa 3.2.1

WinCC OA to Node-RED connector

npm install node-red-contrib-winccoa

Node-RED nodes for exchanging data with a SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture system.

Primary Input Nodes

  • dpConnect: Connect to datapoints on the WinCC OA server and get notified when their values change.
  • dpGet: Get current or archived datapoint values on request (also includes dpGetAsynch() functionality).
  • dpGetPeriod: Get archived datapoint values for a given time range.
  • dpQuery: Submit an SQL-like query to a WinCC OA server.

Output Node

  • dpSet: Set datapoint values.

Additional Nodes

  • alertGetPeriod: Get alerts for a given time range.
  • dpNames: Get names of datapoints matching a search pattern.
  • dpGetAlias: Get datapoint aliases.
  • dpGetDescription: Get datapoint descriptions.
  • dpGetFormat: Get datapoint value formats.
  • dpGetUnit: Get datapoint value units.
  • default server: Define the WinCC OA server to be used by other nodes.

Configuration Node

  • WinCC OA Server: Configuration node for defining a connection to a WinCC OA WSS server.


npm install -g node-red-contrib-winccoa

or install node-red-contrib-winccoa from the Node-RED palette or install Node-RED from WinCC OA GEDI.

Then configure a WinCC OA Secure WebSocket (WSS) server (see description of nodes WinCC OA Server and default server) when adding the first node. You need an installation of WinCC OA Version 3.17 or higher running a WSS server to which these nodes can connect.

See also the WinCC OA Online Documentation.


This package contains several example flows that demonstrate how to use these nodes. The connection information for the WinCC OA WSS server needs to be defined in the example flows, preferably by adding a default server node.


  • V1.x: Initial test implementation
  • V2.0: Major rework, now using oaJsApi for communication with server
    • NB: not compatible with V1
    • NB: needs WinCC OA Version 3.17 (or higher)
  • V2.1: Support for Node-RED V1.0
  • V3.0: incompatible changes, needs WinCC OA Version 3.17 P003 (or higher)
    • Optional input port for dpConnect (shown when no datapoint is specified)
    • select locale node removed (locale now defined in server configuration)
    • Time values are now returned as milliseconds, not strings
  • V3.1: first version to also work with WinCC OA Version 3.18 servers


  • J├╝rgen Steiner - ETM
  • Martin Kumhera - ETM



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  • Juergen Steiner