node-red-contrib-wifi370 2.0.1

node-red node to ease the communication with wifi370 led controller

npm install node-red-contrib-wifi370

:bulb: Integrate your WIFI370 LED-Controller with Node-RED

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node-red-contrib-wifi370 provides commands to control your WIFI370 LED-Controller with Node-RED.
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This node outputs a message to msg.payload containing a buffer which can be send to the WIFI370 LED-Controller using the TCP node.


This node provides bit arrays messages which can be send using the TCP node

How to use this Node?

Talk to WIFI370 with node-red-contrib-wifi370:

Inject node ---- Wifi370 node ---- TCP node


Predefined Commands

  • ON
  • OFF
  • INFO (Current State and Color)



if you pass an rgb Array to this node it will be used instead.

msg.color = [ 255,255,255 ]


Configure TCP node like this



Get current state


Output: data": [ 102, 1, 36, 65, 33, 2, 34, 255, 0, 1, 153 ]

value 3 represents ON/OFF 36/35

values 7,8,9 represents RGB 34,255,0


The Vanilla Way

Talk to WIFI370 only with core nodes

Inject node ---- Function node ---- TCP node


Function node content

var CMD = {
INFO: ["239", "1", "119"],
ON: ["204", "35", "51"],
OFF: ["204", "36", "51"]
const buffer = new Buffer(CMD.OFF);
msg.payload = buffer;
return msg;

Which hardware is used?

Controller Support

Controller Supported Type
LW12 [x] RGB
LD382 [x] RGB
LD382A [x] RGB
LD686 [x] RGBW

Thanks to Meik Dirkes for reverse engineering the communication for all controller types.

####WIFI370-LED Controller


Link to Amazon (Germany): Link

Exported Flow

Find the exported flow example in "test" directory


cd node-red/
npm install node-red-contrib-homematic

Docker Install

On the host machine

docker run \
--name nodered \
--restart=always \
-v /home/docker/node-red:/data \
-p 1880:1880 \
-d nodered/node-red-docker

Also on the host machine

cd /home/docker/node-red
npm install node-red-contrib-homematic

Something missing?

You can easily extend this module to fit your needs by editing the html file. feel free to create a pull request!

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