node-red-contrib-vnc 0.1.5

Node-Red nodes to connect to a VNC server, send keyboard, clipboard or mouse events and capture screenshots

npm install node-red-contrib-vnc

Node-red node allowing control of a VNC Server

N.B. This has been thrown together for a personal project and it's most-likely not efficent and doesn't have much error handling! I have released it as I cannot find VNC nodes elsewhere so it may be useful to others for similar purposes. I will try to release updates when time permits

Current Nodes

  • vnc-client - Configuration node containing server details
  • info - Gets server info (name, height and width)
  • keyboard - Allows sending of key presses or strings to the remote server
  • mouse - Allows sending of mouse movememnts and button presses to the remote server
  • clipboard - Allows sending or receiving of clipboard to/from the remote server
  • screenshot - Returns a screenshot from the remote server as a PNG buffer


  • Change credentials to use Node's credentials functions
  • Example flows to follow




Node Info

Version: 0.1.5
Updated 1 year, 8 months ago
License: MIT
Rating: 5.0 2


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  • vnc-client
  • info
  • clipboard
  • keyboard
  • mouse
  • screenshot


  • node-red
  • vnc