node-red-contrib-viseo-sarah 0.0.13

Windows nodes for SARAH

npm install node-red-contrib-viseo-sarah

Node-RED nodes to trigger CLI windows .exe for SARAH

This module is part of project node-red-contrib-viseo powered by VISEO Technologies.

This module is the v5 of SARAH project


  • Update listen.exe to return a JSON of XML Path
  • Add a listen node taking a grammar as input
  • Add an option to stop process after first match
  • Add an option to stop/start listening
  • How to retrieve grammar from third party plugins (spreads everywhere) ?
  • Nodes listen/speak should use SocketIO or DirectLine to communicate with a Server. In case of SocketIO we should add an algorithm to handle replies and prompts.

Quick Start

npm install node-red-contrib-viseo-sarah

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Version: 0.0.13
Updated 2 months, 1 week ago
License: Apache-2.0


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  • win-speak
  • win-listen-config
  • win-sarah


  • node-red
  • sarah


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