node-red-contrib-virtual-tjbot 0.2.1

Node-RED Nodes for a virtual TJBot

npm install node-red-contrib-virtual-tjbot

Node-RED nodes that can be used to control a virtual TJBot avatar.

Nodes include:

  • analyze tone - analyzes the tone of the payload using the Watson Tone Analyzer service
  • assistant - analyzes natural language using the Watson Assistant service
  • listen - uses the connected microphone to transcribe speech using Watson Speech to Text service
  • see - classifies a photo taken using the camera via Watson Visual Recognition service
  • shine - controls the LED to shine a color
  • speak - uses the connected speaker to play speech from the Watson Text to Speech service
  • take photo - captures a photo taken using the camera
  • translate - translates content via the Watson Language Translator service
  • wave - controls the servo to wave the arm


npm install node-red-contrib-virtual-tjbot


Contributions and enhancements are welcomed. Please create a pull request.

Node Info

Version: 0.2.1
Updated 3 years, 5 months ago
License: ISC
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