node-red-contrib-udmx 1.0.5

A node for outputting DMX through a USB dongle

npm install node-red-contrib-udmx

A node for outputting DMX through a USB dongle

This node looks for a UDMX dongle with USB ID 16c0:05dc and allows a single DMX channel to be set to a value.

It works with the Chinese usb to DMX adapters readily available (e.g. search ebay for "usb dmx").

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Use the 'Manage Palette' option from the Node-Red admin panel, then search from the 'Install' tab.

If not found, you can intall manually: In your .node-red folder run: npm i node-red-contrib-udmx then restart the node-red service.


Set msg.topic to the DMX channel (1-512) and msg.payload to the value (0-255).


  • Restart node-red after inserting dongle to ensure it is detected

Known Issues

  • Occasional "Error: LIBUSB_TRANSFER_OVERFLOW" errors appearing on some installations

Node Info

Version: 1.0.5
Updated 1 month ago
License: GPL-3.0


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