node-red-contrib-tradfri 1.2.0

Node-RED nodes to read and control IKEA TRÅDFRI (TRADFRI) lights

npm install node-red-contrib-tradfri

Node-RED nodes to communicate with IKEA TRÅDFRI lights. npm version

Two, really easy to use, nodes that will help you to:

  • Get information on all devices and or groups
  • Set the state - on/off - on devices or groups
  • Set the brightness on devices or groups
  • Set the color on devices



tradfri-out node

Set state (on/off/brightness) on an IKEA TRÅDFRI device or group


payload object | string
either a string with `on` or `off` or an object describing the action


  1. Standard output

    payload boolean | optional
    if output is enabled success or failure is described by true or false


If msg.payload is a a string (on/off) a device or group must have been defined in the node. If msg.payload is an object any information will override defined attributes in the node. The following attributes of the object are available:

  • tradfri_id (Integer) - optional - Not needed if target has been specified in the node
  • type (String) - optional - ['group', 'device'] - specifies if the call is for a group or device. Not needed if target has been specified in the node
  • state (String) - ['on', 'off', 'toggle'] - specifies the state instruction
  • brightness (Integer) - [0-255] - specifies the brightness of the instruction
  • color (String) - [hex color value, 'cool', 'normal', 'warm'] - color code (HEX - e.g. 'ffffff' or focus, cool, everyday, normal, relax, warm, cold sky, cool daylight, cool white, sunrise, warm white, warm glow, candlelight, warm amber, peach, dark peach, saturated red, pink, light pink, saturated pink, light purple, saturated purple, blue, light blue, lime, yellow)
  • transitiontime (Integer) - time in seconds to transition from one state to another

Examples: msg.payload = 'on'; or msg.payload = { tradfri_id: 1234, type:'device', state: 'on', color: 'cool'}

DEPRECATED: msg.payload.instruction variable is deprecated from v1.0.5 { tradfri_id: 12321, type: "group", instruction: { state: "on", brightness: 255}} where tradfri_id, type ('device' or 'group') and brightness are optional parameters (depending on the node configuration)

tradfri-get node

Retrieves IKEA TRÅDFRI device information from your IKEA hub.


payload string | integer | optional
the device or group id to lookup


  1. Standard output

    payload object | array
    Device, group object or an array with all groups and devices


If msg.payload is a number the details of that device or group will be retrieved and returned in msg.payload as an object. If msg.payload is not set or is not a number the complete structure will be retrieved from the defined IKEA Hub.

tradfri configuration node

The Config setting requires a number of parameters:

  • Security Code - As found on the sticker on the bottom of the IKEA TRÅDFRI hub
  • IP address - The IP address of the IKEA TRÅDFRI hub
  • CoAP path - The file system path to the CoAP library that communicates with the IKEA TRÅDFRI hub. A set of precompiled versions of libcoap is available to choose from. If they don't work or you want to be sure to use the latest version, please follow the instructions to compile from the Github repo of libcoap.
  • App Identity - Define a unique string - DTLS Identity - to be used for generatring the preshared key to be used to control the devices
  • Preshared key - This value will be generated by the IKEA hub once for each App Identity and needs to be stored. It is used when controlling the lights together with the App Identity

Look at node-tradfri-argon on instructions on how to get or compile the libcoap library. The executable will be in the [examples] directory when it has finished the compilation. E.g. /home/pi/libcoap/examples/coap-client

Node Info

Version: 1.2.0
Updated 6 years, 7 months ago
License: ISC
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