node-red-contrib-toggle 0.1.1

Toggle switch node for Node-red

npm install node-red-contrib-toggle

Toggle switch node for Node-red.

This node is a companion for any switch (physical or virtual), storing its state and providing toggle operation without need of using function nodes or flow/global variables.

Fig. 1: Node appearance


In Node-RED (preferred)

  • Via Manage Palette -> Search for "node-red-contrib-toggle"

In a shell

  • go to the Node-RED installation folder, e.g.: ~/.node-red
  • run npm install node-red-contrib-toggle


Node Configuration

The node configuration sets the active on/off/toggle keywords as well as optional topic names.

Fig. 2: Node properties

ON value / OFF value / Toggle value

These attributes can be of type

  • string
  • number
  • boolean

They are set to the values you want to be the keywords within msg.payload when the actions switch to ON, switch to OFF and toggle shall take place (execution command).

Remark: If you do not set a value to one of the attributes the according method (e.g. switch ON) can not be executed by the node (it needs a value to compare...).

On/Off topic resp. Toggle topic (optional)

If you set the topic attributes to a value, the input msg needs to contain the same topic name to execute On/Off resp. toggle in addition to the msg.payload value containing the execution command.

Pass through ON/OFF messages

The node has three pass through modes:

  • No - means that node sends an output msg only when state is toggled. ON/OFF input messages just update internal state of the node.
  • If changed - sends an output msg for ON/OFF input message only once it differs from the previous state. And obviously message is always sent for "toggle" message.
  • Always - the output msg is always sent as a reaction on an input msg.


The input msg.payload contains the execution command to the node.
The value needs to be identical to the values you configured in the configuration dialog.

If a (string) value is set to the configuration attributes On/Off topic or Toggle topic, the msg.topic property must contain the same string value to execute the command given in msg.payload.

An example msg contents is shown for On/Off topic = "onofftopic":

Fig. 3: Example msg when using topics


The input msg is forwarded to the output, if a valid switch command was detected.
The configuration attribute pass through ON/OFF messages is taken into account.

Node status

The node status signals:

  • If the switch status is on it shows a green dot with the text ON.
  • If the switch status is off it shows a red dot with the text OFF.

Initially it shows no state.


Remark: Example flows are present in the examples subdirectory. In Node-RED they can be imported via the import function and then selecting Examples in the vertical tab menue.

Example 1: Basic ON/OFF usage

This example shows the basic usage of the on and off commands.
The configuration is set to boolean true resp. false to switch on resp. switch off and no toggle option.

Fig. 4: Basic usage example

Example 2: Basic toggle usage

This example shows the basic usage of the toggle command.
The configuration is set to boolean true resp. false and to toggle with all other msg.payload/msg.topic combinations.

Fig. 5: Toggle usage example

Example 3: Usage with topics

This example shows the usage of topics.
The configuration is set to strings (switchON, switchOFF) to switch on resp. off and a string (toggleSTATE) to toggle the switch.
Additionally, the topics are set to onofftopic (for the commands switchON and switchOFF) and to toggletopic for the toggle operation (command toggleSTATE).

Fig. 6: Topic usage example

Version history

v0.1.1 Toggle example added to docu
v0.1.0 Docu rework

v0.0.2 Docs updated

v0.0.1 Initial release


Node Info

Version: 0.1.1
Updated 3 years, 9 months ago
License: MIT
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