node-red-contrib-tinkerforge 0.0.24

Node-RED nodes to access Tinkerforge sensors

npm install node-red-contrib-tinkerforge

#A set of Node-RED nodes to access Tinkerforge bricklets

These nodes make use of Tinkerforge's javascript library to connect to a local brickd instance or to a remote instance (via Ethernet/WiFi brick)


From npm

npm install node-red-contrib-tinkerforge

or to from the git head stream

npm install hardillb/node-red-contrib-tinkerforge

##Supported Bricklets

Currently there are nodes for the following bricklets

  • Humidity Bricklet
  • Moisture Bricklet
  • Temperature Bricklet
  • CO2 Bricklet
  • Industrial Diginal In 4 Bricklet
  • Industrial Diginal Out 4 Bricklet
  • PTC Bricklet
  • LED Strip Bricklet
  • Motion Detector Bricklet
  • Analog Out Bricklet 2.0
  • Ambient Light Bricklet
  • Remote Switch Bricklet
  • Industrial Analog Out Bricklet
  • Industrial Dual Analog In Bricklet
  • Dual Relay Bricklet

Adding more should be pretty trivial, these are just the bricks I currently access to for testing

##License Apache 2.0

Node Info

Version: 0.0.24
Updated 11 months, 1 week ago
License: Apache-2.0


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  • TinkerForgeConfig
  • TinkerForge Motion
  • TinkerForge Humidity
  • TinkerForge Moisture
  • TinkerForge PTC
  • TinkerForge Temperature
  • TinkerForge CO2
  • TinkerForge AmbientLight
  • TinkerForge Digital-In
  • TinkerForge IndDualAnalogIn
  • TinkerForge AnalogOut
  • TinkerForge IndAnalogOut
  • TinkerForge LEDStrip
  • TinkerForge Digital-Out
  • Tinkerforge RemoteSwitch
  • TinkerForge DualRelay


  • tinkerforge
  • node-red


  • hardillb