node-red-contrib-testssl 1.7.0

node-red implementation of the script

npm install node-red-contrib-testssl

This is a node-red node for running the script within node-red


npm install node-red-contrib-testssl

it will download the latest version of the script from github automatically (


  • scan a host and get the report as text and HTML output.
  • if an FQDN is provided as host, every IP gets scanned from the DNS result separately. Every IP will get a single report.
  • use your own OpenSSL version for the scan (simply provide the path to the executable).
  • provide a path to your CA certificates file(s) to allow the verification of the chain of trust with the remote host.

Build OpenSSL for testing with (working for OpenSSL 1.0.1)

sed -i.bak -r 's/"(ssl2|rc5|md2|zlib|weak-ssl-ciphers)"[[:space:]]+=>/#&/g' Configure
sed -i.bak -r 's/^(#[[:space:]]define[[:space:]]TLS1_ALLOW_EXPERIMENTAL_CIPHERSUITES[[:space:]]+)0/\11/' ssl/tls1.h

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