node-red-contrib-tado-client 0.9.8

Tado web API client node for Node Red

npm install node-red-contrib-tado-client

Node.js Package

Note: From v0.9.0 onward this node requires at least nodejs v12 due to using async functions.

A Node-RED node with the shared configuration that lets you connect to the Tado Web API.

Please note: The library used by this node is derived from reverse engineering the Tado Web API and hence may be unstable.


Run the following command in the root directory of your Node-RED install or home directory (usually ~/.node-red) and will also install needed libraries.

npm install node-red-contrib-tado-client


First, create a Tado Config node and enter your Tado username and password. This node connects to the Tado Web API and gets an OAuth2 token for further transactions.

You can create multiple Tado nodes, each of which interacts with a single end-point on the Tado API.

The node is triggered by each message on the input, regardless of content. This allows creating flows using other Nodes to trigger the API. If the message on the input contains any of the following fields then they will ovewrite the properties on the node.

  • deviceId
  • geoTracking
  • homeId
  • openWindowMode
  • power
  • presence
  • reportDate
  • reportDate
  • temperature
  • temperatureOffset
  • terminationTimeout
  • terminationType
  • timetableId
  • windowDetection
  • windowDetectionTimeout
  • zoneId

The response from the Tado API is represented in msg.payload and the generating API call is msg.topic.


This node is based on the work of SCPhillips

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