node-red-contrib-ssh-v2-reconnection 0.0.2

A Node-RED node for running remote ssh commands and supports reconnection attempts. Based on

npm install node-red-contrib-ssh-v2-reconnection

Available on NPM as
Based on which does not seem to be maintained.


I added this so I could turn on my linux HTPC via Alexa, triggering a WOL packet and then turn it off using SSH.
That's why SSH reconnection was important.


  • fix unusable ssh key config
  • add reconnection attempts to the ssh client


Input: msg.payload has to contain the command.
Output: none


  • Ssh: ssh key path (optional but recommended)
  • Hostname: address of the target SSH server
  • Name: name of the node
  • Username: username of the target SSH server
  • Password: password of the target SSH server (set this if not using ssh key)

To-Do (help wanted)

  1. Add feature to reuse hosts/accounts instead of having to re-add every time
  2. Add output so that other nodes can consume the result
  3. Add option to consume more information(e.g. hostname) from other node

Node Info

Version: 0.0.2
Updated 1 year, 4 months ago
License: MIT
Rating: not yet rated


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