node-red-contrib-sqldbs 1.1.8

Node-RED node to access different database engines

npm install node-red-contrib-sqldbs

Node-RED nodes to work with a database that can be either MSSQL, MySQL, SQLite, or PostgreSQL server.


Install from npm

npm install node-red-contrib-sqldbs


This package contains one node to select, update, insert, or delete records from a specified database engine. It can work with Microsoft SQL Server, MySql, SQLite, and ProgreSQL by selecting proper database dialect

Query node usage:

You will need to fill in the following fields:

-- Database host name.

-- User name to access the database.

-- Password for the user name above.

-- Database name

-- Dialect for different database engines, currently, it supports MSSQL, MYSQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL.

-- Query Type that the query is for. It can be either select, insert, update, and delete

Node usage:

The returned data will be stored in msg.payload and it will contains two array.
You should just need to access the first object of the array to retrieve data returned from the database query.

So for example, you might create a function node that flows into your sqldbs node with code like this to find if the user exists in the table (please make a special note to "as count". It will serve as the key of the return to retrieve the data. However, if you use "select * from user", the column name will serve as the key name):

msg.topic = "select count(*) as count from user where username = '" + msg.payload.username + "'";
return msg;

Then, you can use a switch function after sqldbs node to check if the user exist:

if msg.payload[0][0].count > 0 
if msg.payload[0][0].count <= 0

Currently, only MSSQL server database have been tested but not others. Please let me know if you have any issue.


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