node-red-contrib-spotify 0.1.4

Node-RED node for Spotify

npm install node-red-contrib-spotify

This node for Node-RED is a wrapper for spotify-web-api-node.


The package contains two nodes. One configuration node to setup the OAuth2 authentication using a Client id and a Client secret. The function node is to select the API function which you want to use.

How to install

Run the following command in the root directory of your Node-RED installation

npm install node-red-contrib-spotify


yarn add node-red-contrib-spotify



  1. Head to the Spotify Developer Dashboard.

  2. Create a new application by selecting CREATE A CLIENT ID

  3. Select the created application, click EDIT SETTINGS and add a new Redirect URI.

    // e.g. if you're running node-red on localhost
  4. Click save and copy the Client ID and Client Secret.

  5. Paste the Client ID and Client Secret in the Spotify Config node in Node-RED.

  6. Enter the required scopes. A list of all available scopes can be found on the Authorization Scopes page.

  7. Press Start Authentication and allow the access for your Spotify account.


Some API functions require extra parameters. To define parameters, use the msg.params object and define an array with all required arguments. Check out the API description for more information about available functions.


// API function: getArtistAlbums
msg.params = [
    '43ZHCT0cAZBISjO8DG9PnE', /* Artist ID */
    { limit: 10, offset: 20 } /* Options */

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