node-red-contrib-sox 0.3.3

A set of nodes using the SOX IoT protocol

npm install node-red-contrib-sox

Node RED nodes used for communicating with SoxFire data repository.

The data can be interact with on this website:

This node subscribes to a sox device and grap data from it.

To build:

npm run build

To test:

npm run test

This is a hack to adapt SoxJS library which was written for web browser (e.g the web link above), to run on NodeJS platform.

The core libraries are at sox/lib/sox.

When build, these libraries will be concatenated to sox/lib/soxLib.js and is used for the NodeJS program.

So in order to test the node, it's important to build first to get all the changes in sox/lib/sox updated into the adapted library.

Node Info

Version: 0.3.3
Updated 1 month ago


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  • sox in
  • sox out
  • sox-credentials


  • node-red
  • sox
  • iot
  • sensor


  • nhong