node-red-contrib-solar-power-forecast 1.0.3

A node-red node to forecast the output of a solar system at a specified time.

npm install node-red-contrib-solar-power-forecast

A Node Red node to forecast the power output of a solar system under ideal conditions at a specified time.

Input message payload contains the timestamp for solar power output to be calculated at.

Uses the suncalc to calculate the current sun position. Power forecast is adjusted for panel tilt, orientation, altitude, panel area, number of panels and panel efficiency.


  • Lat & lon is the location of the solar system.
  • Tilt is degrees from the horizontal.
  • Orientation is the bearing in degrees from North.
  • Altitude is in metres above sea level.
  • Area is the surface of a single panel in m^2.
  • Number is the number of panels in the system.
  • Efficiency is the conversion efficiency of the panel under ideal conditions.


  • msg.payload contains the timestamp for the calculation.


msg.payload contains:

  • timestamp: Timestamp of calculation
  • powerforecast: Forecast of electrical power generated by the system under ideal conditions.

See PV Education for details of calculation.

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Version: 1.0.3
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