node-red-contrib-socrata 0.0.5

Node-RED node to connect to Socrata Open Data API endpoints. Provides a convenient node to easily create and test SoQL queries.

npm install node-red-contrib-socrata


Node-RED node to connect to Socrata Open Data API endpoints.


npm install node-red-contrib-socrata


Refer to the Info tab of the node for full details.

The node itself provides a more convenient access to the SoQL queries to your Socrata endpoint. Depending on your usage scenario additional logic/flow control nodes will be needed up/downstream to manage queries and the resulting data.

Nodes such as node-red-contrib-splitter will come in especially handy to process the potentially large dataset from a Socrata query.

Basic Examples

todo: basic examples datasets

todo: examples for dealing with larger datasets


  1. Do I need to have an app token?

You'll need to sign up for a Socrata developer account via your open data provider to generate an app token. The app token gives you unthrottled access to the data endpoint (but as the Socrata Developers Portal says, don't be a jerk).

  1. Why do requests take such a long time?

The underlying HTTP/S request is asynchronous, and shouldn't lock up the rest of Node-RED. As with any SQL-like query, it is up to you to write appropriately-efficient queries to get the data you need. Use the $limit and $offset parameters, along with control logic before the Socrata node, to manage large dataset queries.

Further Resources

SODA Developers Portal


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