node-red-contrib-soapserver 0.0.1

A node-red soap server

npm install node-red-contrib-soapserver

Listen for an incoming SOAP request used to start a Node-RED flow and pass in input data.


Use npm install node-red-contrib-soapserver to install.


This package provides a node that can be used to start a Node-RED flow. The node is called soap server and listens on a configurable TCP port on the host on which Node-RED run. It is important that the port number be supplied as there is no default assumed. The listener is listening for an incoming SOAP/HTTP request. The WSDL that describes the SOAP server can be retrieved through an HTTP GET request using the /soap?wsdl URL and query parameters. For example:


The endpoint for the SOAP request is found at the same address ...


The interface supplies one operation called startFlow which takes a single parameter as input of type string. When a client invokes that operation, a new Node-RED flow is initiated. The passed in data appears in the msg.payload property of the Node-RED message.

A Node-RED flow that starts with a soap server node should also conclude with a corresponding soap server output node. This is used to pass back a value to the original SOAP client. The string found in msg.payload is returned as the response value.


  • When re-deploying a flow which contains a soap server node, the previously deployed flow may wait up to 120 seconds before allowing itself to stop. The reason for this is that it can be up to 120 seconds from the last received transmission from a closing TCP/IP socket before we can be sure that there is no more incoming traffic. The listening SOAP server running inside node-RED can't stop and restart within 120 seconds of the last received message.


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  • 2015-02-25 - First release


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