node-red-contrib-snmp-trap-listener 2.4.0

Node-RED node that receives snmp traps.

npm install node-red-contrib-snmp-trap-listener


This Node-RED node listens for SNMP Trap packages on the configured port.
Trap which do meet the filter setting will be emitted on the node output.

The filter options are:
SNMP version (v1, v2c, v3)
Community string (v1 & v2c only)
User credential (v3 only)
IP Filtering

Getting Started

Adding nodes to the palette - Node-RED Documentation
Remember to configure the snmp-trap-listener node before you deploy your changes.



The snmp-trap-listener node doesn't take any input.


The snmp-trap-listener node output object is in the following format:


            "string_value":"Plc Start"

SNMP v2c/v3

            "string_value":"Plc Start"

It's payload contains an array which contains all received variable bindings.

    oid: "1.3.1",                   //OID path
    typename: "OctetString",        //Typename
    value: [Buffer],                //Contains raw data in a Buffer if String
                                    //or data if Integer
    string_value: "test_value"      //Contains data as a string


The node contains the following options:

  • Port, Sets the port on which to listen for SNMP traps

  • SNMP Version, select which version of SNMP should be used.

  • SNMP v1/v2c: Community, network community string. The community string acts like a user ID or password. A user with the correct community string has access to network information. The default is public.

  • SNMP v3: User

    • Username, username of the SNMP User-based Security Model (USM) user.
    • Authentication Protocol, authentication protocol used to authenticate messages sent on behalf of the specified Username.
    • Authentication Key, authentication key used by the selected authentication protocol.
    • Encryption Protocol, encryption protocol used to encrypt messages sent on behalf of the specified Username.
    • Encryption Key, encryption key used by the selected encryption protocol.
  • IP Filter:

    • IP Address, base IP address used for the filter.

    • Network mask, network mask used to calculate the filter IP address range.
      It can be in four-part dotted-decimal format:
      or in CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) notation: 24

Example of IP filter:

IP Address Network mask Filter Start Filter End 24 30


Run node index.js to start the listener in your debugger of choice.

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