node-red-contrib-smstools 1.1.1

Nodes for handling messages using smstools3 daemon

npm install node-red-contrib-smstools

Listen and send SMS messages over smstools3 daemon. Development is still on early stage so do not be surprised if your hardware decides to catch on fire.


  • Install and configure smstools server on your machine (
  • Make sure your node-red instance has read permissions in all of /var/spool/sms/ directories and write permissions in /var/spool/sms/outgoing directory.


Install this package globally or to your node-red directory: npm install node-red-contrib-smstools


The sms-in block will trigger once a message is received. Message object looks like this:

    "sent": 1457110722000, // Time message was sent (unix timestamp)
    "received": 1457110722000,  // Time received was sent (unix timestamp)
    "topic": 37061234567, // Phone number of a sender
    "payload": "Hello, world!" // Message contents

To send a message, pass the msg.topic and msg.payload that corresponds to recipient's phone number and content. If payload contains only latin characters ISO encoding will be used. UCS2 format is used otherwise.

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