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Google Smart Home integration via Smart Nora

npm install node-red-contrib-smartnora

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This module provides a set of nodes in Node-RED for Google smart home Action integration via Smart NORA.


  • support for multiple devices/traits (On/Off, Brightness, Color, Open/Close, etc.) and many more to come
  • local execution path to reduce latency to a minimum
  • web push notifications to mobile devices so you don't need yet another service to be informed about the important things
  • better performance with capability of scaling up for tens of thousands of users

Smart NORA is NOT

  • a way to directly interface to your devices added to Google Home. If you already have devices linked to your Google Home from other providers, there is no way for NORA to control them. This package only provides new virtual devices in Node-RED and it's your job to link them together with the real devices you may want to control.
  • a way to create custom conversations with Google. Smart NORA implements the Google Smart Home API which comes with predefined device types/traits/commands/responses. Everything that falls outside of this API can't be done with Smart NORA.


Here's a short guide on how to get started with Smart NORA.


A paid subscription is required to have more than 5 devices synchronized with Google Home. This was added to cover the cloud costs of the service, the business overhead (starting and owning a business, accounting, taxes, VAT, payment processor fees, etc.), offer a bit of support to the ongoing development and hopefully a beer or two at the end of the month 🍻.

There are two ways of using the service:

  1. Free. This will limit the devices synced with Google to 5. There is no way to determine which will be synced if you have more than 5 devices defined in node-red (note that not all nodes are a device).
  2. Subscription based (monthly or yearly recurring payment) integration via Stripe.

Once you create a subscription, you can cancel/change it at any time from You will see a Manage subscription button that will take you to Stripe Customer Portal where you can cancel, change the plan (monthly vs yearly), change billing information, etc.

Canceling a subscription maintains it active until the end of the paid period, it's not immediate. So if you pay for one year and don't want a recurring payment, you can just cancel it and the subscription will remain active for the rest of the year.

Please use first the free subscription, check that NORA works on your setup, play with the devices you may want to use and only once you are satisfied with everything, upgrade to a paid subscription.

Supported nodes

Here's a list and documentation on the supported nodes. If a device that you want is not on the list, you can create a new discussion to discuss it. Contributions are appreciated, especially around the node-red configuration node code (html file) and documentation.


You can see all the releases and the changes made over on the releases page.


Github Discussions

I'm having an issue

For any issues you might encounter, please check the FAQ section, check the existing issues or open a new issue on this repository.

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